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We are manufacturers and wholesalers of quality goldplated jewelry. Our products include a variety of bangles ("GOLD X"), earrings, bracelets, and rosaries made of base metal brass and finished in electroplated gold. We specialize in diamond cut jewelry, plate in-house, and guarantee a superior quality product.
PHOTO PERFECT specializes in the manufacture of unique 'photojewelry' capturing vivid color images in pendants, pins, cufflinks, etc. Especially popular are our religious bracelets and crosses.
We have been selling our quality bangle bracelets for the last 20 years to customers in the U.S., Canada, Central and South America. We welcome volume buyers and wholesale distributors for our products. Please do browse our online catalog and contact us at
P.O. Box 950836
Lake Mary, FL 32795.
Phone: (321) 207 0009
Fax: (321) 207 0010
Email: info@goldplatedjewelry.com
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